Our Products:
SafeTbag Norway have a large numbers of water bags and load cells on stock. Water bags up to 100 ton and load cells up to 500 ton for the heavier jobs.
Waterbags on Stock:
2t waterbags.3t waterbags.5t waterbags.10t waterbags.12,5t waterbags.25t waterbags.30t waterbags.40t waterbags.
50t waterbags.100t waterbags.
Load cells on Stock :
5t load cells.12t loadcells.25t load cells.50t loadcells.55t load cells.120t loadcells.200t load cells
400t load cells.500t load cells.
Some load cells have cabel some have radio, we have all types.
All the equipment are approved and ready for use.Achilles JQS has the pleasure in confirming thatSafeTbag Norway AS, ID 60459
is now qualified in JQS until 09-Dec-2015